5 Minutes with Syd “The Kid” Dawson

Davey Black Fitness

It has never been a secret that kids are more active than adults. They spend their days jumping, running, climbing and playing while most adults spend more time at our computers and phones. Today we spend 5 minutes with one of the youngest members of Davey Black Sports Performance, Syd Dawson.

Syd has been a member of Davey Black for over a year and is a budding athlete. He started by signing up for the Davey Black Sports Performance kids fitness classes with our Fitness Trainer Melbourne and soon progressed to competing in duathlons and triathlons with Davey Black Tri Club. He has raced many events during this time and is very excited for this new season where he will once again get to race. Having mum and dad racing triathlons and being generally active themselves, has been the decisive factor in him becoming a very strong and motivated athlete.

Today we spend 5 minutes with Syd as he shares a bit about himself, the fun he has with mum and dad, and the secret to becoming the best athlete he can be.


Nestor: What do you enjoy most about your races and fitness sessions?

Syd: Doing a race and finishing it and getting to eat the weetbix.  And at the duathlons getting the medal. I like the Davey Black kids fit sessions because I feel good when I’ve finished it.


Nestor: What is your favourite sport?

Syd: Running around games.


Nestor: What do you like about these types of games?

Syd: Getting away from people, like when someone’s trying to catch me – easily getting away! Like if someone’s trying to catch you, go your fastest then immediately slam on the brakes and they will keep going hahaha.


Nestor: Where is your favourite place to exercise?

Syd: Triathlons, and around the parks. I like to swim at pools.


Nestor: Do you like doing sports with mum or dad? 

Syd: I like doing sport with my parents. With dad I often go running around the block and doing meditations and taekwondo. With mum I often do Davey Black fitness, running around or riding. I like the company and encouragement. And they tell me where to go, cos I can’t just walk outside and decide to go to Lorne, Sydney skyscrapers then back home.


Nestor: What is your current goal?

Syd: 18 or 20,000 steps a day. I’m training towards beating my fastest friend and mum or dad in a running race. I’ll do a 2xu race this season too and get another medal.


Nestor: Do you have any fitness equipment that you really like?

Syd: My Garmin and my running shoes, my legs and brain. My bike is really cool too.


Nestor: Do you have any motivational words for other athletes?

Syd: Lock yourself out of the house with your bike and shoes and five bucks to go to the cafe. And then do heaps of running around until you can get back inside.


And there you have it. Wether you are 5 or 55, I hope you get some motivation from this young athlete’s answers. You can never underestimate the honesty from an 8 year old. The braveness and the desire for adventure that kids naturally have may just provide you with the opportunity to learn from them. If you spend some time listening to kids, you will find that they will show you that any dream of an athletic pursuit will take you further than what you might imagine if let your inner child have fun too.