A Beginners Guide to Meditation


Mindfulness and Meditation are important elements that athletes often overlook in their weekly training schedule.  Athletic improvement for any level of athlete is as much about training the body as it is about training the mind.

Davey Black Sports Performance provides athletes with everything they need to improve their sporting performance. Swim, Bike, Run, Recovery, Strength & Conditioning, Yoga, Nutrition, Physiotherapy and Counselling are all a part of the service. Now, we would like to introduce Meditation into our gym membership deals. Sport, work and life are full of pressure and distraction.  A combined training schedule of both physical AND mental training is essential for any athlete to perform at their highest ability and reach their full potential.

About the workshop

Have you ever thought that you would like to mediate but would find it too challenging, boring, or just do not have time? As we evolve in the area of athletic improvement, Biometric and Sports Performance research has shown the huge benefits that surrounds the ancient practise of Meditation. We also understand that life is already busy and packed full of activities, so we have made it super simple. We will be providing 20min snack meditation sessions for you to complete, making it easy to fit into your daily routine.

To get you started, we will offer you a free 90min workshop to learn all about mindfulness and meditation before you join the 20min classes. We invite you to take the plunge into pure mindful self-discovery and to reconnect with your inner sense of calm.  You will be fully supported on a journey of mindful moments, stillness, peaceful pauses and accessible practises that can be effectively integrated into your daily routine and help bring calm and balance to an uncertain and frenetic modern life.

You will learn

  • How to relax, ground and fully prepare for a meditation practise.
  • How to overcome common distractions, challenges and disturbances during mediation.
  • To establish a core mindfulness foundation practise.
  • A variety of different meditation tools and techniques that will anchor you in the moment.
  • How to incorporate your practise into daily living and make it sustainable.
  • How to navigate, survive and thrive in a frantic world through mindful living

Meet Avril

Avril is a creative and caring teacher and meditation lecturer, well-versed in a multitude of Yoga and Meditation styles and techniques. Internationally trained, her unique style combines a fusion of traditional Eastern teachings from India, with more modern Western approaches from Australia, UK and New York. Avril takes pride in mentoring and coaching her students, catering for their individual needs and abilities.

Avril has been practicing for over 23 years and brings a wealth of personal experience and dedicated self-practice into her teachings. As a biomedical science graduate with 19 years’ experience in healthcare, she is passionate about the health, fitness and wellbeing benefits of yoga and meditation.

If you are interested in getting started, please follow the link to sign up for your Free Beginners Guide to Meditation Workshop, or contact us for more info.