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Davey Black

How to Stay Hydrated on your Long Run Sessions

Preparing for any endurance event requires more than just physical training. One of the most important aspects of endurance training is to develop and implement your hydration strategy. You might be surprised to learn that the definition of hydration is not ‘to consume water’ as the majority of us believe. The definition of hydration is […]

Ironman Athlete

Get Back on Track with Sports Nutrition

Melissa Laity is the Davey Black Sports Performance Clinical Nutritionist. She is well aware of the impact that the 2020 lockdown has had on the diet of many athletes. We are lucky enough to have her in our stable, and ready to provide some guidance and instruction on how to help us shift that covid weight, […]

Organic Kombucha By Good Earth


Good Earth have teamed up with Davey Black Triathlon Club & Fitness Studio to bring you a great price on their delicious, naturally low sugar Kombucha range. If you want to ‘try before you buy’, samples are available in the studio. To purchase your case, please follow the link to your favourite flavour: Cloudy Lemonade […]