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Lockdown Lessons on Mental Health

While here in Australia the memories of the lockdown are drifting into obscurity, in many other parts of the world the harsh reality of a covid world is still disrupting livelihoods, economies and mental health.   From this side of the world, it is worth looking back on the lessons we have learned from this […]

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The Importance of Planning Nutrition and Recovery in a Training Program

For most of us, Triathlon and running becomes a great positive challenge, as it requires us to deliver our best efforts in order to become the best version of ourselves.   Triathlons and Marathons become the example of how far we can go if we push ourselves. There is another side to this though, and […]

John Watson

Personal Growth in a Team Environment

It is often said that Triathlon is an individual sport. While it may be true that you are on the start line as an individual, there are a multitude of ways that highlight how a club environment turns an individual pursuit into a team game. Within this club environment, the way we interact and communicate […]


Organised Training for Mental Stability

Being successful in a sport or even in general health and wellbeing requires much more than just showing up to a few training sessions. It requires a program, a method and a path to follow. The science behind fitness and endurance training has developed at an accelerated rate over recent years, but little is mentioned […]

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Training for Mental Health

Self-care is a term that is usually associated with activities that make a person feel happy and comfortable. Generally, these activities help recover energy and provide an outlet to restore our mental health. One of the most effective self-care activities that you can do to help maintain balance is engaging in an aerobic based sport. […]

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Race Day Disasters

Wether you are a senior triathlon coach or a gym trainer for beginners, when you are preparing athletes for race day, there is always a story set to unfold. From the first time racer to the veteran athlete, everyone comes with their own set of stories. These stories are the ones that bring us all […]

5 Minutes With Marathon Finisher Nicole Slater

It is fair to say that 2020 has not been the best year for most people. The greatness of humanity, however, is not dependant on having the perfect life, but about standing up and being strong when things go wrong. Throughout this year, Nicole Slater has set the perfect example of overcoming obstacles, developing resilience […]


A Beginners Guide to Meditation

Mindfulness and Meditation are important elements that athletes often overlook in their weekly training schedule.  Athletic improvement for any level of athlete is as much about training the body as it is about training the mind. Davey Black Sports Performance provides athletes with everything they need to improve their sporting performance. Swim, Bike, Run, Recovery, […]

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Nutrition and Hydration for Athletes

Melissa Laity is Davey Black’s Clinical and Sports Nutritionist. Here she shares with us the basics of maintaining correct nutrition and hydration to optimise your sporting performance. Hydration is vital for life and a crucial factor in physical and mental performance. No matter how hard you train, no matter how balanced your diet, if you […]

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Adapting to New Challenges

Charles Darwin states in his Theory of Evolution that “the species that survives is not necessarily the strongest, or the most intelligent, but the one that adapts better to the environment.” This undeniable truth does not apply solely to animals, but to each of us in our own personal challenges. It stand true in all […]