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A Beginners Guide to Meditation

Mindfulness and Meditation are important elements that athletes often overlook in their weekly training schedule.  Athletic improvement for any level of athlete is as much about training the body as it is about training the mind. Davey Black Sports Performance provides athletes with everything they need to improve their sporting performance. Swim, Bike, Run, Recovery, […]

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Nutrition and Hydration for Athletes

Melissa Laity is Davey Black’s Clinical and Sports Nutritionist. Here she shares with us the basics of maintaining correct nutrition and hydration to optimise your sporting performance. Hydration is vital for life and a crucial factor in physical and mental performance. No matter how hard you train, no matter how balanced your diet, if you […]

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Adapting to New Challenges

Charles Darwin states in his Theory of Evolution that “the species that survives is not necessarily the strongest, or the most intelligent, but the one that adapts better to the environment.” This undeniable truth does not apply solely to animals, but to each of us in our own personal challenges. It stand true in all […]

FREE Online Fitness and Yoga for the Unemployed

We need to help people. We have already seen how badly this COVID-19 pandemic is hurting our economy. This is only the beginning in Australia. The health system situation on its own is horrific, but outside of that, our friends and family have all been affected by job losses, businesses closing, lively hoods vanishing. The […]

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COVID-19 Social Responsibility Plan

At Davey Black we take the health and wellness of each of our members very seriously. We continue to monitor the updates and recommendations set out by health organisations. At this stage we will continue to run our squad sessions, strength & conditioning classes and Yoga Studio as normal. Every Triathlon Coach, Strength and Conditioning […]

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Kids Who Move Better, Sleep Better

The World Health Organization (WHO) model defines “health” as well-being, and not merely the absence of disease. We all know what it feels like when we get a poor night’s sleep. You feel groggy, you make poor or irrational decisions,  you find yourself reaching for calorie-dense foods or drinks that provide instant stimulus rather than […]

Move For Mental Health

Cycling, swimming, running, walking, strength and conditioning, Yoga. The options are endless, and the choice is yours. In recent years, mental health as an area of the human wellbeing has grown exponentially in importance. Along with the growing awareness in this area a lot of focus has been put on highlighting the different methods that […]

Newsletter 16th Jan 2020

WELCOME TO OUR NEW MEMBERS Dan Swann (Melbourne) Nick Marveggio (Melbourne)   TASMANIAN BIKE TREK Peter Mack is putting together an amazing biking experience for anyone who wants to have a few solid bike days leading into race 5 of the 2XU Tri Series. If you are interested in riding some hills and having a […]

Davey Black Sports Performance Relief Run

The Davey Black Sports Performance Relief Run is taking place on Sunday 19th Jan at 2pm from the Sports Performance centre at 244 Glen Eira Rd, Elsternwick. We will be meeting at the downstairs Fitness Studio from 1:45pm. You will be required to sign in with your name and a contact phone number for yourself […]

Kids: Differences are not Deficits

At Davey Black Sports Performance, we run both kids fitness classes and kids yoga classes. We aim not just to entertain the kids, but to also teach them about themselves and their surroundings in every class. We believe that there is unrealistic stigma surrounding sporting excellence and athletic ability, and we aim to knock down […]