Get Back on Track with Sports Nutrition

Ironman Athlete

Melissa Laity is the Davey Black Sports Performance Clinical Nutritionist. She is well aware of the impact that the 2020 lockdown has had on the diet of many athletes. We are lucky enough to have her in our stable, and ready to provide some guidance and instruction on how to help us shift that covid weight, as well as develop and plan nutritional strategies and guides for the build up back into our much-anticipated race season.

The COVID pandemic and subsequent lockdown has made 2020 a very long and frustrating year. Most of us are already looking forward to 2021 and a hopeful return to the life and freedom that we know and love.

For many athletes, a return to the things we love means getting back to group training and competition. With the majority of the seasons races now locked in, and registrations open, it is time to turn your attention to the things that may have been lacking through lockdown. For many, this would be a return to focus on correct training and racing nutrition.

A well planned diet will help you as an athlete get the most out of your training. Not only will it improve your efficiency, reduce your risk of injury and help you train more regularly, but it will also speed up your recovery, help you stay healthy and improve your daily energy levels.

For Davey Black Sports Performance and Davey Black Triathlon athletes, from now until the end of the year, I have 2 great offers exclusive to you;

  • 10% off your Initial Nutrition Consult

You can contact me via Zoom for a 75min nutrition for triathletes consultation. I can help get you started on  your nutrition planning and organisation. It will also be a chance for you to ask any questions about what you are doing right and wrong, and the best way to improve your dietary habits.

  • The Back on Track Package. Get your training and racing dietary requirements bedded down and turned into healthy habits.

The Back on Track package includes:

Initial Consultation: 75-90 minute zoom call to explore your health history, set your goals and discuss strategy.

Customised 7day Meal Plan: The daily meal plan is tailor-made for you. It will take into consideration your individual nutritional requirements and food preferences, as well as your sports nutrition, daily nutrition and sporting goals. The meal plan also includes an easy to read coloured meal planner, recipes and shopping list. This makes your weekly shopping and food prep so easy that you can’t fail!

45 minute Return Consultation: A follow up consultation via Zoom to assess your progress, discuss implementation strategy and address any challenges.

This package is normally valued at $380.00 but, any Davey Black members who books before 31st December 2020 will receive all of this for the amazing price of $304.00.

Want to know more? Book in for a FREE 10 minute Discovery Call with me via my website.