Little Fit Kids Fitness


Davey Black Sports Performance has been running kids fitness classes since we opened our doors in 2017.

The kids ‘Little Fit’ classes cater for 3-10 year olds. Each session aligns with kids fitness protocols and the program is developed using age appropriate exercises and activities to keep kids engaged, interested and active.

We know just some of the benefits of kids being fit include;

  • Increased Bone Strength – by increasing the amount of time the bones are working against gravity, exercise helps to develop denser and stronger bone structures. This is beneficial in helping to reduce the risk of bone breaks in young children, but also helps to reduce the risk of osteoporosis later in life.
  • Improved Concentration – when you exercise , or simply move around, you use more brain cells. When these cells are activated, they produce chemicals that help the brain to sort and categories, which leads to improved memory and concentration levels.
  • Better Food Choices – exercise burns calories, and when the body is in calorie deficit, it craves more calories. The more you exercise, the more the body craves foods that it knows is good for it. Good quality calories generally contain other beneficial supplements such as vitamins and minerals that the body loses through sweat, and so looks to replace through healthy food cravings.
  • Sleep Quality and Quantity – exercise make you tired. It helps to release stress and increase endorphine levels, making it much easier for kids to drift off to sleep at night time, and encourages deeper and longer sleep through the night.

As well as improving your child’s fitness, the classes also provide a stimulus for creativity, teamwork and building confidence. In the kids fitness classes, there is no such word as “can’t”. The kids are encouraged to have a go at all activities and the experienced fitness professionals that run the classes are skilled in the art of negotiation and have the ability to peel back the layers of an activity to find a confidence building entry point for every level of skill, coordination and fitness.

Group dynamics play a big role in a child’s confidence levels. We limit the class sizes to a maximum of 8 kids per class, allowing the coach to get to know the personalities and the strengths and weaknesses of each individual in the class. This allows the coach to provide cues, feedback and direction to both the most confident, and the most timid of children to ensure that their strengths are being highlighted and their weaknesses are being appropriately challenged.

Above all else, the kids fitness classes are a fun and creative way to help your child’s light shine. Not every kid is interested in the common team sports that schools offer, and sometimes it is difficult for parents to find activities that engage and challenge their kids physically and mentally. Developing better movement, balance, hand-eye coordination and mobility, the kids fitness classes give kids a fun and functional session allowing them to explore the ways that their bodies can move and improve their mobility and strength in a safe and controlled environment. It may also uncover a hidden talent that could be the spark your child needs to find a sport or activity that they can set their sights on.


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