Behavioural & Mental Health Counsellor – Alejandro Nestor Rivera

Nestor has previously worked as a counsellor helping adults, couples, families and children from a wide range of socioeconomic backgrounds. His focus has been on socio-emotional difficulties such as anxiety and depression, stress management, work and sports related stress management, building resilience and situational planning.

Counselling is a collaborative effort between the client and the therapist and aims to achieve progress by using person-centred therapy with a Cognitive behavioural focus.

Nestor is Bilingual in both English and Spanish. He successfully finished the Master of Counselling Course at Monash University.

Individual Counselling Treatment:

You do not have to suffer with stress or anxiety around any personal, work or sporting issue in your life. The main goal of seeking out a counsellor is to help improve an individual or a couple’s clarity, confidence, and physical and mental wellbeing. We are here to support you and help you gain insight into the particular dynamics at play in your daily life or in specific situations that are causing you concern.

No referral is required and there are no limitations on who can access our services.

Treatment consists of one on one sessions either face to face or via online platforms, and all information gathered by the practitioner during the service will remain confidential and secure.

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