Clinical Nutritionist

Clinical Nutritionist Melissa Laity holds a degree in Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine (BHSc)

Consulting out of the upstairs rooms at Davey Black Sports Performance, Melissa believes that good health means a well-nourished body, an active mind and a nurtured soul working together in harmony to enable us to maximise the joy of living, everyday.

She believes that good health starts with a balanced, nutritious diet and an active, fulfilling lifestyle. By addressing nutrition, diet and lifestyle factors she assists her clients with a vast range of health concerns including gut/digestive health, children and adolescent health, eczema and allergies, women’s health and reproductive issues, weight management, immune issues, stress,  sleep troubles and sports nutrition.

Discovering holistic, clinical nutrition

My interest in holistic nutrition stemmed from my own experiences with childhood eczema, asthma, allergies and, later-on, infertility.

Under the care of a clinical nutritionist I was able to manage and overcome these conditions and came to understand the importance of a healthy diet and nutritional support in disease management and prevention.

The more I learned on my journey the more compelled I became to share the knowledge I had gained with others.

This powerful experience drove me to become a driven advocate & communicator and eventually to pursue a career in nutrition.

So, in 2011, happily pregnant with my son, I set out on the path to becoming a nutritionist.

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